Bee Petroleum

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Bee Petroleum Co. is a leading petroleum products distribution company; we are among the four major players in the market with high market share.

Bee employs over 160 staff, we are fully dedicated towards your service, and our staff in each and every service station are part of the company they are well trained to serve you best, and we have picked each and every one of them so that to make sure that NO bad practices are committed (i.e. you don’t have to tip any of our staff) in our stations.

We are the First and only company in Sudan to introduce the world-wide famous Autogas (converting petrol cars to work with LPG), this technology is expanding all over the world backed with governments support, for it’s both environmental (LPG is a clean fuel) and economical (you enjoy 55 % straight saving) benefits, we provide Italian kits, and our workshops are providing the installation and maintenance services.

Bee is the First and the only company that operates its whole network of service stations, in other words we provide customers with peace of mind as we control the whole process. Our 15 service stations located in excellent location all around Khartoum, provides a wide variety to choose from, all our stations provides services on 24/7 basis, many of them are also providing Autogas LPG, and some are providing carwash and Tire repair services.