Bee Petroleum

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Our Piece-of-art computerized system provides full control over each and every liter in or out, we are the first company to introduce the e-Tickets (bar coded) they are read, stored and classified automatically, which allows us to provide customers with detailed periodic reports about their own consumption distribution by period/location/car No.

This unique service has many benefits over the traditional private fuel storage for own consumption.

Cost efficiency

Managing your own facility is expensive compared to your consumption, we are professionals, and we are selling massive quantities this is why our service is a cost saver.


Managing actual stocks of fuel, and keeping correct records for all the in and out is a trouble maker, controlling your fuel budget is an important issue as fuel represents a significant portion of your expenditure, with us your people will only manage paper, and our reports will help you controlling your business.


Fuel handling involves losses attached to it, in all it’s stages (i.e. transportation, storage and dispensing) losses means money waste, and it’s tremendous amount of money lost. Our service gives you peace of mind, as you have nothing to do with losses, you will only get what you want without the headache.