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At Bee Group we consider our employees as the most important asset that we have. Each employee is selected based on his/her qualification, experience and ability to contribute to the success of the group.

This pool of skill consists of more than eight hundred distinguished staff including managers, engineers, supervisors and skilled workers who are all involved in serving the needs of our valued customers.

Bee Group is a family business owned by Dr. Gamal Wldin Osman (Chairman) and his wife Engineer/ Widad Yagoub Ibrahim (Vice-Chairperson). The group is staffed by experienced group of young enthusiastic professionals.

Bee Group Shareholders :

- Dr. Gamal Osman is The Chairman and General Manager of Bee Petroleum Co. he is holding a PhD in Jornalism from the United States, Dr. Gamal lectured in various Universities local and abroad, and since he started his own business 18 years ago, his vision and deep understanding of the Sudanese market has enlightened the path for his success.
- Engineer/Widad Yagoub, Madam/Widad is a civil engineer graduated from Khartoum University in 1979, Widad also is an active member in so many local and international charities and women organizations.

Vice General Manager

Dr. Zainab Gamal Eldin Osman
Acting as General Manager

Cell Phone : +249912158375

Administrative Manager

Mr. Motaz Mahgoub.

Cell Phone :+249900943946

Finance Manager :

Mr. Hisham abd al latif
Cell Phone :+249900943932

Engineering & Operations Manager

Eng. Elrayh Awad Osman

Cell Phone :+249912407002

Marketing& Sales Executive

Mrs . Manal Ahmed Abdorazeg

Cell Phone :+249900943901

Aviation Manager

Mr. Asam Eldeen Mohamed

Cell Phone :+249900943965

IT Manager

Mr. Edris Ahmed Edris Osman,
Cell Phone :+249900943928

Transportation Manager

Eng. Abdo Elmaged Abdalla  

Cell Phone :+249900943906

Human Resource Manager

Mr. Mohi Eldeen Ahmed Omer 

Cell Phone :+249900943909


Our 400 Bee-People are all contributing to our success, we believe that people are the most valuable assets of the company, also Dr. Gamal is believing in young people this was his philosophy all the way long, thanks to that we are always young .

Our ‘one family’ concept contributed to the relaxed open atmosphere we have in the company, where communication lines are always open and thus decisions are made collectively and on the spot, thanks to that we are always flexible .

We believe in change and that nothing is perfect, so we keep on learning all the time, thanks to that we are always developing.