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Petroleum Co. Home
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Bee petroleum company is a major branch of Bee group. Started in 1995 and is the only Sudanese oil company that’s working in the field of using LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) to operate petrol cars.

The pioneering project is having positive impact on the Sudanese economy, environment and technological advancement.

Bee petroleum company owns two central depots at Algaily refinery and Shagara Petroleum Terminals Area plus an up country depot at Hegleig and Baliela oil production fields.

Bee Petroleum has many petrol service stations that are well distributed. For Bee the most valued is customer satisfaction. This is very important when considering that Bee is the sole distributor of LPG for cars.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Bee Petroleum is the only operator for LPG for cars in Sudan through highly qualified engineers and well equipped workshops.

So Bee Petroleum is the sole agent of BRC, a leading Italian company in the field of manufacturing LPG kits.

Bee Petroleum also is a well known LPG home bottles Distributor.