Hadeed Company

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Bee has a huge fleet of tankers that operate to transfer products from our depots to the service stations and to our customers’ sites. Hadeed company has taken over the responsibility of all transportation activities for bee group.

Hadeed is also the agent of North Benz Heavy Duty Truck Company Ltd. North Benz is biggest trucks manufacturer in China. It was owned and operated jointly with German Mercedes Benz before their share was bought. Hadeed owns and operates a transportation fleet of trucks that works nationwide in goods and freights transportation. 

Transportation of the European Union Relief Aid for the Euro – Aid to Ethiopia in 2003. that job was highly praised by other competitors for the hard conditions under which the job was done.


Pipeline Transportation

Hadeed Transportation Is the main contractor of the Indian company Dodsal Pte. Limited for Pipes Hauling for the section of Musmar-Haya-Port sudan of the Pipe Line of Melut Basin Oil Development Project. That’s a total length of 280 Klm’s with a pipes’ transportation rate of 3 Klm’s per day. This is a project that’s still running with, so far an achievement of almost fifty Klm’s accident free pipes hauling.