Bee Petroleum

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Bee Aviation is equipped with state of the art equipment, but we believe that our staff is our most valued asset.
Safety, legality, and environmental protection come first.
However, good conduct and prompt reaction to customers demand make the basis for our business success. Dr. Gamal Eldin Osman

BEE AVIATION: Part of Bee Petroleum success

Bee Petroleum is one of the leading companies in the petroleum industry in Sudan. In the last 12 years we have been developing step by step to become one of the top in our field.

Bee Aviation is the latest addition to our ever developing organization.

We assemble the latest technologies and the best staff to meet the highest professional standards.

Bee Aviation is part of Bee Petroleum Company, which is a prominent organization in petroleum industry.
As a national petroleum company, we would like to join the leaders within the Aviation industry in Sudan. Our philosophy is to work as a team setting standards that will not only meet local industry and international statutory regulations but enhance safety operation and protect the environment.

Bee Aviation tried to start were the industry ended. We have taken all necessary measures to promote operating standards, procedures and practices in accordance with changes in company policy, changes in technology and statutory local and international regulations of joint standard operating system.


We are using state of the art refuellers.

The number and capacity of refuellers as follows:

All Nuova refuellers are equipped with elevators and two nozzles to save time and provide refueling in the shortest, safest, and timely manor.

All the above listed equipment are the latest in the Aviation industry operated by well trained staff to provide highly professional standards.

We believe that our staff is our most valuable added value. And our Bee culture based on safety, legality, and profitability enable us to satisfy our valued customers demands.

Aviation Filters

Transfer Pumps

Fire fighting system

A complete fire fighting system according to NFPI including the following equipment:

Design of Fuel Farm

The observances of certain fundamental practices in the design of our Khartoum Airport Fuel Farm facilities is considered essential to insure that fuel quality is maintained, and safety and environmental requirements are met.


The number and size of tanks is as follows:

6 horizontal tanks with capacity 675,000 liters which is considered sufficient to provide adequate working capacity taking in account peak period of airport requirement, supply replenishment and emergency stock coverage.